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Our services

Pothole & Bitumen Repairs

budget asphalt pothole repairA simple pothole can be annoying - they ruin tyres on cars, ankles on people but worst of all they can become a major costly repair if not fixed.

The pothole will segregate water into the sub base making it a major repair. We have specialty trucks and equipment so we can fix the area on time with a professional finish. So if you have a pothole, get it fixed by the professionals BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS and save yourself the hassle of a law suit or repairs to your customers' or familys' vehicles.


trenchesOh no! The plumber or electrician has put in a new cable or pipe!

Don't panic!

BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS has it covered - we can reinstate asphalt to the area in a time that suits you to minimise any effect on your customers or family life.

Trip Hazards

triphazardA simple trip hazard can be as small as 10mm high (or less) than the existing ground and can cause a major upset to shopping trolleys, high heels or even a wheel chair. We at BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS can help. We can minimise the problem cost effectively by

Crack Sealing

crack in groundA crack in asphalt or bitumen can be caused by wet and dry weather or maybe a poor top surface. These cracks then let in water which softens up the base. In the short term this can turn into a pothole or a major repair. At BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS we can minimise this from happening by sealing the crack with a cold rubberised bitumen which you can drive or walk on in no time minimising your down time and saving you money in the long run.

Speed Bumps

speed bumpBy law a shopping centre or unit complex etc must comply to a safety standard, be covered by public liability and have speed bumps installed. BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS can build a speed bump from asphalt to any specification you need and we can even organise the linemarking.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is something we can take off your hands. BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS has more than 20 years experience in the industry. We offer a service to give you a report on your carpark, driveway, or private road and give you a maintenance schedule that will save you dollars by us keeping cracks, potholes, edge breaks etc under control.


asphalt overlaysIf you have an asphalt or bitumen area that has deteriorated over the years and want it looking beautiful again give BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS a call we can make your old area look new again.

Disability Access Ramps

Access ramps are important for people with limited access. We can build a ramp from asphalt to suit your needs. These ramps have specifications to meet safety standards, you can rest assure we know these standards and you will get the right job, first time! From Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Tricky & Unusual Jobs

These asphalt jobs could be steps to the river, bunding to contain an area, or a spoon drain to divert water. These are just a few examples of successful jobs we have done. Even limited access is not a problem. No matter what you want in asphalt, you can be assured we will be able to do it. From Brisbane to the Gold Coast - we love asphalt!

Small new work

Small new work is our specialty. Limited access - no problem!

We build:

  • bin bays
  • carport bases
  • bike tracks
  • footpaths
  • plus a lot more!

From start to finish, no matter what you have, give us a call because we know you will be satisfied.

From the Brisbane to the Gold Coast - WE LOVE ASPHALT!