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Audits for car park safety

Dean blog smlOur Director, Dean performing an on site car park safety audit for a local shopping centre.

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27 Aug 2015

Can I cover my concrete with asphalt?

The answer is simply yes in most cases. Providing the existing concrete will take a good tack coat giving the asphalt something to stick to, resurfacing over the top of concrete is a cinch with asphalt and will usually give fantastic results.

13 August 2015

Cleaning asphalt

Like all outdoor surfaces asphalt will sometimes be subject to stains and degradation caused by spillage. Usually a pressure hose will sort things out however you need to act quickly if it’s a petrol or diesel spill. Fuels will eventually eat through asphalt causing it to soften. This leads to cracks and water ingress. Budget Asphalt is expert at dealing with such problems. If this happens please call us ASAP as it is easier to get it fixed early rather than late.

6 August 2015

Is asphalt the best surface for my driveway?

Considering whether to lay asphalt or concrete/pavers on a driveway you need to take into account a number of factors. How big or long is the driveway surface? What sort of traffic will use the driveway – cars, trucks, machinery? How much will it cost to lay the surface? How much weight does it need to withstand? What surrounds the area to be surfaced – landscaping, fences? Where do the water runoffs occur? In general choosing asphalt over concrete checks all the boxes for any type of surface construction. Get a quote now and find out how asphalt is the right choice for driveways.

30 July 2015

Routine maintenance checks

Problems can happen when you least expect them and with the winter rains upon us now is the time to get your asphalt surfaces checked for possible future issues. Our programmed maintenance service can identify problems before they arise, making sure that your public areas are in tip top condition throughout the year. To know more about this regular asphalt service please contact Budget Asphalt Repairs.

23 July 2015