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Water pooling on outdoor surfaces

All outdoor surfaces, whether they're tiled, paved, concrete or asphalt need some degree of "fall" to ensure that rainwater drains off.  Sometimes the fall is not right - doesn't lead to a suitable drain, is uneven or just drains to form a bigger pool.  In all cases, leaving water to pool will eventually lead to degradation in the surface as well as increasing the safety risks.  Avoid your future problems by getting a proper assessment of what needs to be done.  We have cost effective solutions that could work for you.

15 Oct 2015

Pipe work under driveways and crossovers

Replacing old or broken pipes underneath driveways or crossovers is one of our specialties. Talk to us about how we can assist to repair or replace pipes that cross under difficult surfaced areas.

8 Oct 2015


Acreage driveways or long access areas

If you're lucky enough to have your home set back on acreage or maybe you're on a bushy block with a long narrow drive to the house, installing a long driveway may not cost the earth.  Asphalt is by far the best surface for the job - it's easier to lay in bigger or longer areas than concrete and may work out about the same cost as pebbles in the long run (and lessen the impact on your car).  Speak to us now about cost effective alternatives for durable surfaces on longer access driveways.

1 Oct 2015

Sick of pressure hosing your driveway?

Concrete or pebbled driveways will always eventually become dirty and in some cases covered in mildew. It's unhealthy, looks ugly and you just know it's going to be a weekend of pressure hosing to get rid of it.  Apart from the dirty appearance detracting from the value of your property, mildew can also increase the danger of slipping when it becomes wet.  It can cost hundreds of dollars to get it cleaned professionally and can involve some pretty harsh chemicals.  Even then, in a matter of months the mildew and dirt will be back.  

Consider getting your driveway surfaced in asphalt.  It's cheaper to lay, does not become slippery, lasts longer and looks better.  And you'll never need to pressure hose it, which saves water and your time!

24 Sep 2015


Large Carpark Construction

We recently completed this 1500m2 car park from start to finish!

lcp1  lcp2  lcp3  lcp4  lcp5

17 Sep 2015