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Sick of pressure hosing your driveway?

Concrete or pebbled driveways will always eventually become dirty and in some cases covered in mildew. It's unhealthy, looks ugly and you just know it's going to be a weekend of pressure hosing to get rid of it.  Apart from the dirty appearance detracting from the value of your property, mildew can also increase the danger of slipping when it becomes wet.  It can cost hundreds of dollars to get it cleaned professionally and can involve some pretty harsh chemicals.  Even then, in a matter of months the mildew and dirt will be back.  

Consider getting your driveway surfaced in asphalt.  It's cheaper to lay, does not become slippery, lasts longer and looks better.  And you'll never need to pressure hose it, which saves water and your time!

24 Sep 2015


Large Carpark Construction

We recently completed this 1500m2 car park from start to finish!

lcp1  lcp2  lcp3  lcp4  lcp5

17 Sep 2015

Overlaying concrete with asphalt is a specialist job

  • First we need to make the area dust free.
  • Then we need to tack coat the area the day before to allow the glue to go off.
  • Then we do a pre level coat and compact it.
  • Then it is time for the top coat which is compacted after laying almost immediately to stop the asphalt from going cold.

Specialists1 sml  Specialists2 sml  Specialists3 sml

10 Sep 2015

Making asphalt repairs last longer

To make your asphalt repairs last longer, get it done right the first time!  If it's a pothole that needs filling don't just let someone pour in asphalt a then simply whack it with a shovel. A Budget Asphalt Repair will see the hole filled properly, squaring up the edges and making sure the hole is actually sealed.  Its not only a longer lasting result but a better looking one as well.

3 Sep 2015

Audits for car park safety

Dean blog smlOur Director, Dean performing an on site car park safety audit for a local shopping centre.

  • Our Safety Audit service is FREE, may REDUCE insurance claims and keep your repairs ON BUDGET!

27 Aug 2015