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Traffic on new asphalt

Depending on the thickness of the asphalt, it is often able to withstand traffic almost immediately after laying. While we do recommend leaving the area free of traffic overnight if possible, unlike concrete, asphalt surfaces are almost ready to go once our workmen leave.
June 22nd 2016

Emergency asphalt work

Sometimes events such as heavy rain, spills and accidents may give rise to emergency repairs being required to make safe an asphalt area. Forget the ugly and expensive barriers and warning signs - get the job done fast! Budget Asphalt offer a same day service for asphalt repairs all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Give Budget Asphalt a call and we will do our best to re-instate your asphalt the same day.
June 8th 2016

Spend it this financial year

The taxman knows EOFY is nearly here again, but your asphalt doesn't. With winter rains coming too, now is the time to check your maintenance budget to see if any repair work can be undertaken before we rule the line in the sand.
May 25th 2016

Asphalt Maintenance Program

For those with public asphalt areas to maintain, we can make your job easier with our regular asphalt inspection services. We can fix small problems before they become big ones and advise whether work is required to avoid future issues. This makes budgeting and forecasting for groups such as body corporates or property managers easier and means less big surprises down the track. To know more about this regular asphalt service please contact Budget Asphalt Repairs.
May 11th 2016

Why is my concrete black and slimy?

That's because it’s not asphalt. If exposed to weather, over time concrete areas will always end up covered in stains or mildew that is not only dangerous to health and safety but also very ugly to look at. There are professionals that make money out of cleaning concrete and within a few months the black will be back! Asphalt on the other hand never needs cleaning. Maintenance is usually just simple repairs to odd cracks and the occasional pothole, carried out with a minimum of fuss and bother. You don't need to paint it, seal it or pressure wash it. Asphalt will stay looking great for many years.

14 Apr 2016