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Reinstating a crossover

crossover reinstatement

A new driveway crossover can help to smooth out a worn sharp bump. No matter what you want with asphalt, you can be assured we will be able to do it. From Brisbane to the Gold Coast - we love asphalt!

December 27, 2016

Out of hours for asphalt repair?

Keep your business moving with our after-hours asphalt services. Asphalt is usually ready for traffic just a few hours after being laid (depending on the job). If you can’t afford to have your business disrupted by closed access, we can help! We can work with you to undertake asphalt repairs or surfacing at a time that suits you. Talk to the asphalt specialists at Budget Asphalt for services outside of business hours.

December 6th, 2016

Need a speed hump?

Budget Asphalt are experts in designing and laying speed bumps that will reduce traffic speeds in just about any area. From driveways, common community traffic areas such as carparks, schools, care homes or hospitals, and public roadways – we can deliver the right result at an affordable price. Talk to us now.

November 30, 2016

Asphalt crack repairs

Has your old asphalt got cracks? They’re unsightly, dangerous and they don’t get fixed by themselves! Cracks in asphalt happen when rain or traffic cause the sub-base to degrade. If left unchecked the crack will widen over time. Get the cracks fixed simply and easily by calling Budget Asphalt now.

Watch our asphalt crack repair service in action:

October 31st 2016

Will asphalt overlay old concrete?

old concrete

Repairing old broken concrete can be very expensive if you want to return it to “as new” and replace the concrete with just more concrete. If it’s too far gone then it will have to be completely dug out and new concrete laid – you have to start over. However, a simpler and easier fix is to overlay the existing concrete with asphalt. Providing the asphalt has something to stick to, the result is often better than the original.