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Limited access no problem

We get to lay asphalt even the tightest of places. Here are before and after photos of a recent resurfacing project involving an underground parking area at the Gold Coast.

Wax museum before  Wax museum after

September 22nd 2016

Hand compacted asphalt footpath

hand compacted asphalt thumbWe recently completed a temporary footpath for the Gold Coast light rail project - 265 metres long, laid and compacted by hand!

A budget for all asphalt needs

Get great results with asphalt in all of your surfacing work. At Budget Asphalt, we pride ourselves on delivering the best outcomes at a reasonable cost using professional equipment that keeps us ahead of our competitors.
August 17th 2016

Asphalt stands the test of time

While asphalt has been used for hundreds of years in things as wide-ranging as roofing, house construction and boat-building, its use in road building has only been around since the 19th century. More so, it was the invention of the car in the early 1900s that saw asphalt laid over "blue metal" or crushed rock take off as the best form of surfacing for the new fan dangled machines!
August 3rd 2016

Using the sinking fund to sort your common areas

Body corporate managers would be well advised to budget in their sinking funds for repairs to asphalted common areas to ensure that potential trip hazards don't lead to expensive law suits down the track. With personal accident injury claims on the rise, a little money spent now on repairs may avoid expensive and detrimental insurance claims later. Also, keeping your asphalt areas well maintained may help the property's value keep track, to the benefit of all the body corporate members.
July 20th 2016