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What is the main cause of potholes?

In one word, water. If the asphalt surface and base are not properly laid, penetration of water into the asphalt base is the main cause of potholes. It often begins with oxidation of the surface which causes the asphalt to dry out, eroding the top layer and exposing the larger aggregate below. The result is surface cracks which if left untreated, grow and allow water to penetrate. When this happens, water penetrates through the base of the asphalt causing it to shift which leads to more cracking and leaves a depression in the surface. As water pools in the surface depression, the asphalt further degrades. What results is a pothole! When the asphalt reaches this stage, proper repair is the only solution. This means replacing the old asphalt and properly sealing the area.

pothole bitumen repairs

May 2 2017

Bagged cold asphalt

Some hardware stores sell cold bagged asphalt for use in short term asphalt repairs. Repairing your own potholes is okay however these bagged products are a temporary measure and do not seal to the edges, thus eventually water will get in and the pothole will soon reappear. Only hot asphalt coats and seals properly for a durable and hard wearing surface.

March 15 2017

Rain and potholes

It's the middle of the Brisbane monsoon season again with hot humid days followed by late afternoon storms and torrential rain - it's a perfect mix for asphalt problems. As the asphalt heats under the beating sun and air expands, water is allowed to permeate and run off. This is great when it's just a light shower however a deluge of water is a different thing. Heavy rain can cause potholes to occur. Exacerbating this will be any tree roots that may be in the subsurface which swell and push the asphalt. Deal with your potholes early to avoid further issues. A quick inspection by Budget Asphalt may mean just a quick repair now rather than an expensive overhaul later on.

February 24 2017

Asphalt and Forklifts

In areas where fork lifts travel every day, you need to keep your asphalt in tip top condition. This will ensure both smooth handling of the transported goods and also safety for workers and pedestrians. Forklift injuries are a common occurrence these days and can lead to legal issues. To maintain safety and keeps goods on the move, choose Team Budget Asphalt for the best service and budget prices.

February 13, 2017

Commercial carpark asphalting

Here are some before and after pics of a commercial carpark job. We profiled out the area where there were many potholes and trip hazards. Then we reinstated the area with asphalt to form a smooth strong surface.

sharks before  sharks after

January 27 2017