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11 reasons why is asphalt better than other hard surface mixes

  1. Asphalt is non-slippery, so it’s safer than most other surfaces.
  2. Laying asphalt is fast, and you can usually walk or drive on it in just a few hours after laying.
  3. Asphalt costs less to construct and is almost half the cost of concrete.
  4. Maintaining asphalt surfaces is cheaper than other alternatives.
  5. Asphalt is porous, it allows for better drainage, and this means fewer problems when compared to alternatives.
  6. Asphalt is a finished product, so it does not need sealing.
  7. Asphalt produces a smoother, safer surface.
  8. Asphalt surfaces generate less traffic noise.
  9. White line marking on a black asphalt surface lasts longer and is more easily identifiable which makes things like parking areas more defined.
  10. Asphalt construction can be completed more quickly than alternatives meaning less downtime.
  11. Asphalt is fully recyclable.

July 13 2017

What is asphalt?

Asphalt, Bitumen, Blacktop and Tarmac are just some of the terms used to describe asphalt. They are basically all the same and comprised of aggregate stone or road base, mixed with sand or gravel. A refined oil binder is added to the mix which is then heated causing it to become both pour-able and spreadable.

June 30 2017

What can I do to prevent asphalt breaking down?

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your asphalt in tip-top condition. For commercial areas, it is a good idea to budget for crack filling at least once a year. Usually, a few hundred dollars spent inspecting and repairing small problems will save you thousands down the track when and if complete resurfacing is required.

asphalt overlays

May 23 2017

Increasing car parking areas

More cars on the roads means more parking problems for unit complexes / shopping centres / residential houses / commercial property etc. However, there are some solutions - and we can help! We can visit your site and design a plan to increase car spaces, taking into account the confines of the asphalt areas you have available. Or we can re-design your area to produce more car spaces.

There are many advantages to optimising your asphalted parking spaces. It can increase turnover for your business or make a site more accomodating for tenants, just to name a few.

At Budget Asphalt, we have the solutions. Call now to book an appraisal.

reclaim car park after

May 9 2017

What is the main cause of potholes?

In one word, water. If the asphalt surface and base are not properly laid, penetration of water into the asphalt base is the main cause of potholes. It often begins with oxidation of the surface which causes the asphalt to dry out, eroding the top layer and exposing the larger aggregate below. The result is surface cracks which if left untreated, grow and allow water to penetrate. When this happens, water penetrates through the base of the asphalt causing it to shift which leads to more cracking and leaves a depression in the surface. As water pools in the surface depression, the asphalt further degrades. What results is a pothole! When the asphalt reaches this stage, proper repair is the only solution. This means replacing the old asphalt and properly sealing the area.

pothole bitumen repairs

May 2 2017