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Droughts then flooding rains

rain and asphalt

With all the rain it's worth checking between your asphalt and concrete edges. Continual and heavy rain will wash out asphalt if it is aged and broken. This may seem small now but it may lead to a much bigger repair job later as the rain washes away the base and allows water to seep under the asphalt layer. Tend to it early to avoid costly repairs. Call Budget Asphalt Repairs now.

14 February 2020 

Bunding to stop water ingress

This homeowner was having trouble with rainwater running off the driveway resulting in a flooded front porch. We installed an easy asphalt bunding wall to contain the water and divert it away from the porch.

asphalt bunding

February 2020

Don't get caught by the bitumen bandits

The Office of Fair trading has returned more than $8 million to consumers who were ripped-off by dodgy traders and scam artists last year. A reminder to always be wary of anyone trying to sell you cheap below grade bitumen.

Click the image to read more in the Redland City Bulletin...

bitumen bandits

January 2020

Tourist suing council

Here's an interesting news story on the perils of not attending to trip hazards.

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Trip hazard

January 2020

Ouch! My asphalt is hot!

People say that asphalt is hot to walk on in bare feet. That’s true, as is concrete or just about any hard surface that is exposed to lengthy periods of hot sun. Common sense says that anything hot that comes into contact with bare skin is likely to cause some pain, so our advice is always to keep footwear on when walking on summer-beaten asphalt. Wear some thongs, enjoy the sunshine and keep your feet covered!

January 2020