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Avoid having to reseal your hard surface areas

Asphalt does not require resealing. While maintenance of things like occasional cracks is wise, an asphalt surface will keep performing for many years. Unlike concrete which will eventually wear away and breakdown if left unsealed, asphalt retains its durability over the longer term.


May 2019

Keep things quiet with asphalt

Did you know that asphalt surfaces absorb more noise than concrete? Due to the pliable nature of asphalt, noise can be reduced in vehicle traffic areas with asphalt. This is great for residential complexes where noise may be an issue for residents, and also for areas in public facilities such as care homes and hospitals. Choose asphalt over concrete or pebbles to keep the surrounding environment quieter.

quiet road

April 2019

Rain is the enemy of all hard surfaces

The monsoon season is here, and while the rain is welcome in parts and overwhelming in others, resultant cracks and movement in both concrete and asphalt are always an ongoing issue. Particularly when the sub surface has dried out, water ingress will cause cracks to appear and weeds to grow, leaving you with not only an unsightly surface but also a potential headache if cracks are left untended. Ask us about asphalt crack repairs before they become trip hazards and a much bigger problem.

storm brisbane

March 2019

Fix those trip hazards

With the costs of insurance continuing to rise, and insurance assessments becoming more stringent, it’s wise to check your asphalt areas for potential trip hazards. Apart from keeping your patrons safe and also avoiding vehicle damage, repairing trip hazards early can not only save you money but also keep you in good standing in the event of a mishap. It doesn’t take much to catch a shoe, and if left unrepaired, broken asphalt becomes a trip hazard that may only get worse. Keep your insurance company happy and meet the safety expectations of your customers by getting those hazards fixed now.

trip hazard

Creating an access ramp with asphalt

Giving smooth access for disabled people and also for deliveries is a simple as creating an access ramp using asphalt. Whatever your needs, we can design and install the perfect access ramp solution for you. We can make them to any specification you might need including appropriate measured disability ramps, forklift-to-warehouse ramps or trolley ramps over concrete kerbs.

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August 25 2018