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What to do if a car leaks oil on my asphalt?

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product. Oils, petrol and brake fluids will act as a solvent and cause the surface to soften. If left untreated this will cause eventual damage. Deal with oil spills early rather than leaving them to degrade your surfaces.

October 31 2017

Is an offer of really cheap asphalt too good to refuse?

From time to time we hear reports of door knockers offering cheap asphalt leftover from a nearby job. It’s a scam, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Typically, the asphalt offered in this type of work is “watered down” and laid unprofessionally. Result – it may look great when it first goes down but not long after the scammers have taken your money and disappeared the problems surface. A few cars later, a big downpour of rain and suddenly your cheap asphalt is starting to break up. Result? Your supposed bargain has now turned into a major repair job. Don’t get caught in an asphalt scam. Call the professionals at Budget Asphalt from the beginning.

October 14 2017

Line marking my asphalt

In carparks and vehicle areas, using line marking helps to define areas and direct traffic. All asphalt surfaces can be marked to provide just about any directional information required, such as arrows, turning points, carparks, hazards, speed limits etcetera. This can negate the need for further pole signage. Depending on the preparation of the surface and making sure the paint used is appropriate for the purpose, asphalt line marking will usually be more durable. At Budget Asphalt we can arrange line marking on the surfaces we prepare such that your commercial areas direct traffic flow according to your needs.

September 28 2017

Can I put an asphalt surface over my old concrete?

Essentially the answer is yes. However, it is better to remove the concrete as this will improve the life of the asphalt surface. Concrete moves according to where it has expansion joints. While asphalt will initially cover the joints, eventually they will become apparent as cracks in the asphalt.

September 13 2017

Repairing the "repaired" asphalt

An asphalt repair at the main entry caused a major trip hazard, said this customer who had dealt with a different asphalt company. To rectify the problem, we visited the site and gave a competitive quote to repair the other contractor’s work. We then completed work with the minimum of fuss and professional results, including reinstating the safety line markings. The thankful client then called to say “great job”!.

major trip hazard

August 24, 2017