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Can I put an asphalt surface over my old concrete?

Essentially the answer is yes. However, it is better to remove the concrete as this will improve the life of the asphalt surface. Concrete moves according to where it has expansion joints. While asphalt will initially cover the joints, eventually they will become apparent as cracks in the asphalt.

September 13 2017

Repairing the "repaired" asphalt

An asphalt repair at the main entry caused a major trip hazard, said this customer who had dealt with a different asphalt company. To rectify the problem, we visited the site and gave a competitive quote to repair the other contractor’s work. We then completed work with the minimum of fuss and professional results, including reinstating the safety line markings. The thankful client then called to say “great job”!.

major trip hazard

August 24, 2017

Resurfacing the entry at Alex Hills

We recently completed asphalt resurfacing works at the main entry of the Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre, making it safer for pedestrians and easier to manoeuvre shopping trolleys.

alex hills resurfacing

August 8, 2017

Does asphalt come in any other colour than black?

All asphalt is black. Depending on what aggregate is used in the mix, over time it will naturally fade to grey. However, if you want an area to look beautiful for longer, then asphalt is the better choice as, unlike concrete, dirt and grime build up is less apparent. It will never need scrubbing or pressure washing. Like any surface, an occasional overlay every few years is all that should be needed.


July 31 2017

11 reasons why is asphalt better than other hard surface mixes

  1. Asphalt is non-slippery, so it’s safer than most other surfaces.
  2. Laying asphalt is fast, and you can usually walk or drive on it in just a few hours after laying.
  3. Asphalt costs less to construct and is almost half the cost of concrete.
  4. Maintaining asphalt surfaces is cheaper than other alternatives.
  5. Asphalt is porous, it allows for better drainage, and this means fewer problems when compared to alternatives.
  6. Asphalt is a finished product, so it does not need sealing.
  7. Asphalt produces a smoother, safer surface.
  8. Asphalt surfaces generate less traffic noise.
  9. White line marking on a black asphalt surface lasts longer and is more easily identifiable which makes things like parking areas more defined.
  10. Asphalt construction can be completed more quickly than alternatives meaning less downtime.
  11. Asphalt is fully recyclable.

July 13 2017