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Driveway Crossover Solution

Sometimes a simple solution is all that's required to prevent car damage from your driveway crossover.  If you keep bottoming out your car, or if there's a hump too high on your driveway, talk to us about how we can asphalt over for a nice smooth and bump free entry.

Here, a concrete driveway crossover was not contoured down to the kerb. To prevent obstructing the gutter another concrete kerb was constructed beyond the gutter - but this did not solve the problem.  The owner was left with a dangerous and damaging driveway crossover.

To fix the problem we laid an asphalt contour to the outer kerb providing a smooth crossover.

Here are the before and after photos (click to enlarge).

driveway crossover before thumb  driveway crossover after thumb

March 14th 2013


At last - sunshine!

photo blog07032013


At last sunshine!! For how long who knows.

This week has again been active for team Budget Asphalt, filling emergency potholes. And when it was raining we had a chance to do things that get put in the "soon" pile.

We have picked up our new 1.8 ton excavator which is exciting, it has all the bells and whistles to get our jobs done efficiently and professionally.

We also had a chance to re kit the team with new uniforms so we keep looking our best.

March 7th, 2013

Asphalt Speed Humps

Well, it didn't rain, it poured! So we now have quite a backlog of asphalt repair work from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. We all know we need the rain but we have our fingers crossed for it to hold off long enough for us to catch up on overdue car park repairs, walkways and speed humps.

The past few days have seen Team Budget Asphalt hard at work doing emergency pot hole repairs to keep our clients, their staff and families safe. Asphalt speed humps, also known as speed bumps have grown in popularity due to their cost-saving over steel speed humps and speed bumps. Our customers enjoy the cost saving of asphalt speed humps which we continue building to slow down cars and keep everyone safe. Did you know that an asphalt speed hump is more cost effective than rubberised or steel speed humps which sometimes cost twice as much?

Until next week, Team Budget Asphalt say "keep safe" and don't wait until its too late to do your asphalt repairs.

February 28 2013

Potholes popping up everywhere

With the rain this week, it sure has been eventful for Team Budget Asphalt with emergency jobs, broken asphalt repairs and making sure we keep everybody safe.

Car parks have been a big one with potholes popping up everywhere!

We also quoted on, and won a job where a competitor quoted twice our price. This is one of the benefits of being a small asphalt repair company that targets small asphalt repairs.

We recently added to our fleet with a 1.8 tonne excavator and a 3.5 tonne tipping trailer. We did this to keep prices down and efficiency up so we don't have to rely on outside contractors. We will have photos of this exceptional set-up online soon.

February 21 2013

Asphalt Wears Well under Forklifts

When approached by our client to perform asphalt repairs on an area where over 500 fork lifts travel every day we were happy to put forward a budget price. After going through the process of getting 3 quotes, our client chose Team Budget Asphalt as we had the best budget price.

Turning up at a time that suited our client and performing the job to minimise impact on the running of the business was a crucial factor in this bitumen repair and Team Budget Asphalt performed without any problems. We now have another happy customer who has already asked us to undertake more work. And very happy forklift drivers who are no longer losing thier fruit, let alone the rubbish man who doesn't have to clean up after them!

Well done Team Budget Asphalt! Brisbane's Small Job Specialist.

February 13, 2017