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End of financial year asphalt repairs

The end of the financial year is upon us once again, but your asphalt doesn't know that. The wet weather isn't going anywhere in a hurry and only makes small cracks, gaps and potholes more serious and expensive. If you were contemplating using the end of year maintenance budget, now may be the time to do so. There is more wet weather on the way. Fix those asphalt and bitumen cracks, gaps and potholes now before they become more expensive than need be.

June 13th 2013

Police Warn Of Bitumen Scam

This week the Bayside Bulletin reported that Police are warning people to check the credentials of tradesman offering cheap asphalt due to advertisements in the local paper by dodgy bitumen repair businesses.  Read the article here.

It appears that the Redlands area is now being targetted by these conmen and such scams have been seen around Brisbane over the last few years.

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading reported on the scammers back in 2011 saying:

"They claim they are working on construction sites in the area and offer to do the job for a low price with leftover material. Typically these operators do a substandard job using watered-down materials. Often the jobs have to be fixed by a qualified trader, leaving the consumer to pay twice for the same job. These dishonest operators travel from one place to another looking for opportunities to deceive unsuspecting consumers."

In 2012 a similar group was uncovered in the Ipswich area.  Read what happened here. 

If you have been approached by these people please ignore their offering. 

How to recognise the asphalt scammers?

The Office of Fair Trading has published a bullet point list of what to watch out for.  Read it here.

June 5th 2013

Skilled asphalt laying

mansionIf you have a job that needs to be done with precision and without mistakes, then we are your people.

As you can see on this photo we had to lay asphalt right up against the entry to an acreage property. With this being the main entry to this mansion of a house, only the most skilled people can perform these type of jobs.

May 29 2013

Same Day Service

If for some reason you have forgotten to organise the asphalt for your job, or if you have an urgent job - don't despair! We can offer you our same day service. 

Give Budget Asphalt a call and we will do our best to re-instate your asphalt the same day.

May 23 2013

Making asphalt beautiful

resurrfaceIf you want to beautify your asphalt for a new building project or any renovation, we can help.

This photo is of a recent job completed - this is asphalt laid over the top of existing asphalt to revitalise the area.

May 10th 2013