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Can asphalt go over concrete?

Yes it can as long as a good tack coat is put down and the area is not on a hill. If the area is on a hill, the area will need scarifying to give the asphalt something to stick to.

July 18 2013

Asphalt relaying

This week we are completing work for a local council to relay asphalt to pump stations in various locations. This will help to protect and beautify the areas.

July 5 2013

Reduce asphalt shrinkage

When excavating out a trench, to get the best result dump all spoil.

Put in road base from the bottom up and compact in layers of 100 mm deep at a time until you reach the desired depth for asphalt reinstatement. Doing it this way will reduce sinkage in the future.

June 27 2013

Fuel and asphalt

If petrol or diesel products are accidently spilt on asphalt or bitumen you need to act quickly.

Fuel products eat through the asphalt and soften it. This will lead to it eventually breaking up and letting water into the base.

If this happens please call us ASAP as it is easier to get it fixed early rather than late. We are more than happy to help you out.

June 21 2013

End of financial year asphalt repairs

The end of the financial year is upon us once again, but your asphalt doesn't know that. The wet weather isn't going anywhere in a hurry and only makes small cracks, gaps and potholes more serious and expensive. If you were contemplating using the end of year maintenance budget, now may be the time to do so. There is more wet weather on the way. Fix those asphalt and bitumen cracks, gaps and potholes now before they become more expensive than need be.

June 13th 2013