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Can we buy asphalt from a hardware store?

If you want to repair your own potholes, you can in some places buy asphalt from a hardware store. However these products are only a temporary measure and do not seal to the edges. This will allow water to get in. Only hot asphalt coats and seals properly for a durable and hard wearing surface.

August 29 2013

What about the join between the new asphalt and the existing?

If the area has been excavated out and replaced, we suggest that the join be sealed with emulsion and sand to reduce future water ingress. This is standard practice for all Budget Asphalt Repair jobs.

August 22 2013

How much weight can asphalt hold?

Preparation of asphalt surfaces is very important in determining how much weight your asphalt can take and still perform to its best. If road base is compacted properly and the subgrade is firm with 100mm thick road base and 30mm asphalt, it will hold up to 8 tons.

August 15 2013

How long until we can drive on new asphalt?

How long to wait before driving on your new asphalt surface depends on the thickness of the asphalt.  In some cases you can drive on it straight after it is rolled, but we do recommend to leave the area overnight if possible.

August 8 2013

How hot is the asphalt?

Asphalt is supplied at approx. 180 degrees. Our trucks are heated to keep the asphalt workable.

August 1st 2013