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How long until we can drive on new asphalt?

How long to wait before driving on your new asphalt surface depends on the thickness of the asphalt.  In some cases you can drive on it straight after it is rolled, but we do recommend to leave the area overnight if possible.

August 8 2013

How hot is the asphalt?

Asphalt is supplied at approx. 180 degrees. Our trucks are heated to keep the asphalt workable.

August 1st 2013

What is the specification of a speed hump?

Speed humps come in many shapes and forms, with variables determined by the position of the hump, the curve and camber of the road and its intended objective.  Specifications are individual and are determined by your local council.

July 25 2013

Can asphalt go over concrete?

Yes it can as long as a good tack coat is put down and the area is not on a hill. If the area is on a hill, the area will need scarifying to give the asphalt something to stick to.

July 18 2013

Asphalt relaying

This week we are completing work for a local council to relay asphalt to pump stations in various locations. This will help to protect and beautify the areas.

July 5 2013