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Tourist suing council

Here's an interesting news story on the perils of not attending to trip hazards.

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Trip hazard

January 2020

Ouch! My asphalt is hot!

People say that asphalt is hot to walk on in bare feet. That’s true, as is concrete or just about any hard surface that is exposed to lengthy periods of hot sun. Common sense says that anything hot that comes into contact with bare skin is likely to cause some pain, so our advice is always to keep footwear on when walking on summer-beaten asphalt. Wear some thongs, enjoy the sunshine and keep your feet covered!

January 2020

Grind away those asphalt trip hazards

Imagine the cost of reparation if someone trips on your asphalt hazards causing bodily injury. Broken asphalt or deeper unmaintained cracks are dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles alike. Trip hazards don’t have to be a lawsuit in waiting, nor do they need to involve a majorly expensive repair. Talk to Budget Asphalt about trip hazard grinding and repair. Avoid the lawsuit and get your asphalt trip hazards dealt with now at a fraction of the cost.


November 2019

All about asphalt edging

Unlike concrete, laying asphalt does not require boxed forms. This means that asphalt can be curved and arched – a process not easily achieved with concrete which needs formwork to contain it while it sets. If you need a more precise edge to your asphalt, you can use asphalt edging which is a hard durable, 90 degree material similar to garden edging. Budget Asphalt can supply and install treated timber edging which is 75mm x 38mm. It can be installed to suit just about any curve and corner. Installed prior to the asphalt laying, asphalt edging will provide a natural barrier to adjacent landscape gardening or retaining walls while making the edges crisper, leading to less maintenance. Talk to Budget Asphalt about asphalt edging for a more defined look.

tricky unusual asphalt jobs

September 2019

Speed bumps save lives

Slowing down traffic, especially in areas shared with pedestrians, can be lifesaving and may prevent dangerous vehicle versus foot traffic incidents. The best way to control traffic speed in built up areas is to install asphalt speed bumps which cause vehicles to reduce speed to a level that is more sympathetic with the traffic flow. Budget Asphalt can install speed bumps to suit the surrounds and we even provide line marking to new and existing speed bumps.

speed bump

August 2019