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Beware of dodgy operators

Unfortunately, there are plenty of backyard operators in the asphalt repair industry. There are common traps that will lead to disappointment and cause pedestrians and businesses to be inconvenienced. However, all of this can be avoided if you are careful and know what to look for.

To avoid dodgy jobs and expensive repairs down the track here are a few things to be aware of when contracting your asphalt job:

  • Underquoting - be careful of operators that quote a ridiculously cheap price. Some will actually quote you less than what they know it will cost them to do the job leading to YOU being stung with extras down the track.
  • Incomplete quoting - make sure that your quote includes everything that will be needed to complete the job.
  • No fixed timeframes - get your timing expectations in writing.
  • Using sub-standard materials - make sure your contractor is using quality materials best suited for the job and not watered down or defective asphalt.

Make sure you get a professional asphalt job every time - Call or email the experts at BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS.

13 February 2014

Hand laid asphalt

Budget Asphalt are the experts in hand laid asphalt. We ONLY lay asphalt by hand and we have specialised in laying asphalt by hand for many years. By hand laying, we can shape asphalt to work in all applications - and we have the correct tools to get a perfect finish!

6 February 2014

Long water diverter

We recently completed a 170m long water diverter along the Bruce Highway for a large organisation. The water diverter will stop the edge of the road from literally washing away. If you have a water problem we can help - please call or email Budget Asphalt now.

24 January 2014

Hot weather and asphalt

44 degrees in Brisbane was hot and not good for the roads and carparks. What this causes is asphalt bleeding which simply means the emulsion starts coming through the chip seal. Then, with hot car tyres driving over it, the areas start to peel away removing the entire seal and exposing the base work. Let's hope we don't see that sort of weather for too often!

17 January 2014

Christmas bookings

After a hot, busy week we have made it through and every body is happy! With Christmas only two weeks away, we have limited spots to fill - so please if you need a job done before Santa comes, please call us ASAP.

6 December 2013