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Broken pipes under driveway

Do you have an acreage driveway or driveway entrance with broken pipes underneath?

We can remove and replace the old pipe with a new pipe, or we can remove the pipe altogether. We can also form a new dish drain and re-asphalt the area to get your driveway back into good condition.  Contact us for help with broken pipes under your driveway.   27 Jun 2014

Beautify your driveway to add value

If you have an asphalt driveway and are thinking of selling your house then we can help. A small renovation to a worn driveway can add significant kerb appeal and may avoid potential buyers seeing it as more money out of their pockets, thus helping you achieve a top price. We can beautify your asphalt driveway to give it a new fresh look or just a basic tidy up. Call us now.

20 June 2014

Different sizes in asphalt

With there being so many different sizes of stones to make asphalt, we determine the size needed for your job to get the best result. If we are doing overlays/potholes or speed humps we use a fine 5mm asphalt that leaves a minimal edge thus reducing any trip hazards. If we are doing digouts or laying asphalt up to 50 mm deep we use a 10 mm asphalt. For jobs over 50mm deep we use a 14 mm asphalt which gives extra strength and durability. In some cases if there is plans for the job the size asphalt will be determined by the engineer.  Contact us now to get the right asphalt for your job. 

12 June 2014

Dealing with oil and diesel spills

Oil, diesel and petrol spills on asphalt are something that needs to be taken care of straight away.

  1. First of all use kitty litter or sand and put over the area.
  2. Leave it on the soiled area for as long as possible then clean up and dispose of correctly.
  3. Then call Budget Asphalt to fix the area.

We will need to saw cut, remove and replace the asphalt where the spill has occurred. This is important. If the area is not repaired in this manner the spilt product will eat the asphalt and soften the area.

29 May 2014

Same day asphalt services

We now can offer you same day service for your asphalt repairs. If you are stuck with an urgent hole or trench please call us and we will do our best to fill it the same day where possible. 7 May 2014