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Asphalt Bandits active again!

asphalt bandits thumb

The asphalt bandits are at it again! The picture shows what was supposed to be asphalt - however it is merely two coat seal. The bandits approached this person saying they had left over asphalt from a job up the road a price was agreed to overlay the area with the "surplus asphalt". The outcome was bitumen spray all over his building and structures and a horrible mess. The bandits then demanded cash before they would leave. Now Budget Asphalt have been contracted to tidy up their mess. Beware the asphalt bandits!

Quick service for urgent work

BEFORE2am thumb  AFTER2am thumb

When time is of the essence we will work with our customers to find a work window that will suit both the job and the customer needs. On this occasion, we quoted on work to complete a driveway entrance in the city on a Wednesday. As we were able to work within the customer's timeframe we won the job and with a very small time window, we started at 2am Friday morning. We completed the job by 8am as required by the customer. By starting and finishing as scheduled we were still able to complete our normal day works. If you need an urgent asphalt job done please call Budget Asphalt as we will do what we can to fit you in.

3 October 2014

Pathways and roadway widening

Pathways and roadway widening completed after excavation. Road base compacted and asphalt laid - all in a days work for Budget Asphalt!

pathway widening1 thumb  pathway widening2 thumb

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21 Sep 2014

A new truck equals more convenience

To deal with the ever increasing asphalt repair work, we have now purchased another Flocon asphalt road maintenance truck. What does this mean? With 2 trucks servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast we can be in more places at any given time. This means more convenience for you. Call us now for your asphalt repair jobs.

12 September 2014

Asphalt Access Ramps

Asphalt access ramps can be made to any specification you might need to get a forklift into a warehouse or trolleys up a concrete kerb. What ever you need we can design and install the perfect solution for you.