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Rain and how it affects asphalt and bitumen

RAIN! We need it here in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast and all over QLD. However, we live in the land of droughts and flooding plains and I must say that I believe in climate change and it is having an effect on asphalt and bitumen also. The longevity of your asphalt and bitumen car-parks, walk-ways and all asphalt and bitumen areas is directly determined by sun, wind and rain as well as the wear and tear of vehicle and foot traffic.

  • Rain - seeps under asphalt if it doesn't have runoff ...
  • Rain - seeps into cracks and disperses the underlying sand, soil and screenings and corrodes rea also ...
  • Rain - seeps into potholes ...
  • Rain - washes out road base if it is not sealed ...
  • Rain - feeds weeds that grow into asphalt ...
  • Rain - feeds trees roots that lift and split asphalt and bitumen surfaces ...

All of the above result in costly asphalt and bitumen repairs if left unchecked. Avoid the risk of unnecessary major asphalt and bitumen repairs by contacting Budget Asphalt now.

Car Stops

carstops thumb

Budget Asphalt can supply and install car stops to any surface. The ones in this picture are made from recycled rubber and are not only effective but also very durable. The car stops are dynamic bolted to any concrete surface.

4 Dec 2014

Fixing drain problems

Do you have water sitting on the driveway and not getting to the drain? In this job we solved the problem for the customer by saw cutting the area, lowering the drain and reinstating the asphalt with fall to the drain. With only 20mm fall to get the puddled water to drain away properly it was tight, but we succeeded thanks to our great team.

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drain before thumb  drain after thumb

When water is left sitting on asphalt, over time it will soften the sub base and cause large holes to appear.  You will save time and money by getting it fixed early to avoid a major issue down the track. Contact us now!

31 October 2014

Tricky angled driveway

mount cot thumb  mount cot2 thumb

We recently completed this asphalt driveway in Mount Cotton. Due to different angles and tricky car parks, over 1000m2 was hand laid as an asphalt paver machine could not do the job.  A good result!

23 October 2014

Repairing damaged roadway

brisbane city asphalt before thumb

brisbane city asphalt after thumb

Budget Asphalt recently completed a badly damaged road way in the Brisbane CBD. Although the area is not subject to heavy traffic, repairs were necessary for insurance reasons and for work place health and safety issues.

16 October 2014