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Cracks and weeds in landscaped garden surrounds

Using pavers or concrete to provide pathways through a landscaped garden will always be susceptible to lifting and cracking caused by both rain, traffic and root growth underneath. This can result in severe trip hazards and unsightly cracks that require the whole area to be replaced.
Asphalt however is less susceptible to such damage and often cracks require just a minor repair and re-seal without the need to dig-out and relay large areas. Unlike concrete, asphalt does not require channel breaks that can be a haven for weeds, nor does asphalt need pressure spraying to remove mildew and mould growth.
Asphalt provides a smooth and seamless surface that will beautify any garden or landscape with durability and ease, giving your garden spaces a continuous and even backdrop to show off the beauty of your plants and trees.

26 Feb 2015

Using asphalt in landscaping

The benefits of using asphalt versus concrete in landscaping are numerous. Firstly asphalt can be sculpted to suit the contours of the garden area creating interest points and focus areas that are both durable and safe as well as pleasing to the eye. As asphalt is porous garden beds are more likely to flourish as rainwater is more evenly distributed without the continual runoff caused by non-porous concrete.
Of course it is possible to design asphalt with slight cambers that can direct excess water into places needed most such as plantings that require high watering. Concrete is also susceptible to staining from vegetation overgrowth whereas asphalt will retain its beauty enhancing the overall appeal of the landscape surrounds.

19 Feb 2015

Can Asphalt Works co-exist with andscaping and Gardens?

Asphalt and bitumen car-parks and walkways tend to be "plain Jane" but do they have to be? Local Government regulations mean that minimum (and maximum) vehicle parking must be allocated relevant to various residential and commercial parking applications. This doesn't mean that attractive and environmentally attractive, sustainable and eco-helpful landscaping cannot co-exist with car-parks and walkways.


Driveway repair

storm damage before thumb  storm damage after thumb

After our recent storms wreaked havoc, this week we were asked to complete a new driveway to turn a muddy track into a durable weather-proof surface. Due to the large amount of water the area had washed away and left ruts and potholes everywhere.  Now the owner can enter and leave the property without risking car damage or injury. 

5 Feb 2015

Rain and how it affects asphalt and bitumen

RAIN! We need it here in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast and all over QLD. However, we live in the land of droughts and flooding plains and I must say that I believe in climate change and it is having an effect on asphalt and bitumen also. The longevity of your asphalt and bitumen car-parks, walk-ways and all asphalt and bitumen areas is directly determined by sun, wind and rain as well as the wear and tear of vehicle and foot traffic.

  • Rain - seeps under asphalt if it doesn't have runoff ...
  • Rain - seeps into cracks and disperses the underlying sand, soil and screenings and corrodes rea also ...
  • Rain - seeps into potholes ...
  • Rain - washes out road base if it is not sealed ...
  • Rain - feeds weeds that grow into asphalt ...
  • Rain - feeds trees roots that lift and split asphalt and bitumen surfaces ...

All of the above result in costly asphalt and bitumen repairs if left unchecked. Avoid the risk of unnecessary major asphalt and bitumen repairs by contacting Budget Asphalt now.