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While you sleep – we’re laying asphalt!

Have an asphalt area that needs work done out of hours? Budget Asphalt can prepare or repair asphalt surfaces at a time that suits you and your business with minimal disruption to your visitors and customers. And if this means getting up at 2am, we’re there!

Budget Asphalt can provide out-of-hours asphalting services for those areas and places that can’t afford to be out of action during normal business times. Please contact Budget Asphalt Repairs about special time arrangements now!

21 May 2015

Avoid the legal blues

We‘ve all heard the stories of law suits that arise from pedestrians tripping over in public areas or vehicles damaged by breaks in surfaces. Don’t be found liable for damage where injuries that occur as a result of pavement hazards. In any area that is subject to public traffic, whether its pedestrian foot traffic or vehicle traffic, ensure your asphalt surfaces are free from potential trip hazards by checking for early signs wear and damage.

Get it fixed early and spend less time defending legal action!

14 May 2015

Asphalt in parks and gardens

When properly prepared, asphalt surfaces should not only look good but will also retard root growth from trees in neighbouring garden beds and tree plantings. This not only helps keep the area safe from potential trip hazards but also helps the trees, allowing them to grow more naturally and possibly avoiding expensive tree removal down the track.

Unlike concrete, asphalt is more forgiving and easier to repair and can be contoured to work with the trees rather than against them.

Consider using asphalt rather than concrete or paving in areas that are sensitive to tree growth.

7 May 2015

Asphalt for wet or dry weather

With the monsoon season now over its time to check your asphalt areas for any early signs of damage to your driveways and parking areas. Getting small damage fixed now can result in less problems down the track. It will also be less expensive. Budget Asphalt Repairs has a regular programmed maintenance service which lets our clients know what needs to be done to their asphalt surfaces now and in the near future.

Keep your asphalt in tip top condition and address problems before they become major issues. To know more about this regular asphalt service please contact Budget Asphalt Repairs. 

30 April 2015

Keeping your landscaping beautiful

We all know the benefits of landscaping around and throughout your car parking areas. It will not only keep the area looking beautiful, it’s also good for the environment. Landscaping prevents soil erosion, reduces carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and reduces storm water drainage problems. It also reduces the detrimental effects of wind and noise and provides heat-reducing shade.

Keeping the landscaping in place can sometimes be a challenge especially if you don’t want to fence it off. Weed growth and water runoff causing potholing are just some of the potential hazards.

If you want to provide a beautiful yet unobtrusive backdrop to your landscaped gardens then you should consider asphalting around your garden beds. Asphalt is easier to maintain, more robust than pebble mix and more stable than concrete or paving.

23 Apr 2015