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Routine maintenance checks

Problems can happen when you least expect them and with the winter rains upon us now is the time to get your asphalt surfaces checked for possible future issues. Our programmed maintenance service can identify problems before they arise, making sure that your public areas are in tip top condition throughout the year. To know more about this regular asphalt service please contact Budget Asphalt Repairs.

23 July 2015

Get it fixed now

Don’t wait for the rainy season to remind you about that nasty pothole you’ve been meaning to get fixed. Take advantage of the stable weather to get your repair jobs tended to before it’s too late. Call Budget Asphalt now for a quick quote on seasonal and small repair jobs. 

16 July 2015

Shopper wins $285,000 in damages

Shopper wins $285,000 in damages after shopping trolley fall caused by pothole.

On June 6, 2011, Despina Cavric wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. Just like so many other Australians, she was doing the household shopping. However, as she pushed her shopping trolley towards her car she was caught out by a pothole, fell and was injured. Fast forward to last week and Despina was awarded damages by the NSW District Court in financial compensation for ongoing pain and suffering. Despina sued the Willoughby City Council for negligence and last week the court ordered the council pay her $285,915 in addition to her legal costs.

This unfortunate circumstance is not the first time in Australia that potholes have attributed to accidents and compensation. Don't disregard those early signs of asphalt and bitumen wear. Act early and protect your patrons and customers and protect yourself from costly legal woes as well.

Need asphalt and bitumen repairs, consultation or just good old-fashioned, no-obligation advice? Call the asphalt artists, Budget Asphalt. You won't be sorry and we might just save you a bundle.

Service after regular hours

At Budget Asphalt we recognise that some areas can only be closed for repair work out of hours. This is particularly true in car parks, laneways and shopping centres. If you have special access needs, talk to us about our after-hours services that can be tailored to suit your premises or work site and keep your business moving.

9 July 2015

It’s not all about cars

Many commercial areas see traffic that is a lot less about cars and a lot more about specialised vehicles such as forklifts, trailers and heavy trucks. These types of vehicles need sturdy surfaces to endure the rigours the extra weight presents.

Unlike concrete, asphalt is the perfect surface to withstand the wear and tear of commercial traffic in both keeping the surface even (especially necessary for vehicles with a shorter and sometimes unstable wheel base) and for withstanding the weight of heavier vehicles carrying goods. Asphalt also wears better and is less likely to erode under heavy use. Use asphalt rather than concrete for heavy vehicle traffic areas.

2 July 2015