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Cracks and weeds in landscaped garden surrounds

Using pavers or concrete to provide pathways through a landscaped garden will always be susceptible to lifting and cracking caused by both rain, traffic and root growth underneath. This can result in severe trip hazards and unsightly cracks that require the whole area to be replaced.
Asphalt however is less susceptible to such damage and often cracks require just a minor repair and re-seal without the need to dig-out and relay large areas. Unlike concrete, asphalt does not require channel breaks that can be a haven for weeds, nor does asphalt need pressure spraying to remove mildew and mould growth.
Asphalt provides a smooth and seamless surface that will beautify any garden or landscape with durability and ease, giving your garden spaces a continuous and even backdrop to show off the beauty of your plants and trees.

26 Feb 2015