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Asphalt Speed Humps

Well, it didn't rain, it poured! So we now have quite a backlog of asphalt repair work from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. We all know we need the rain but we have our fingers crossed for it to hold off long enough for us to catch up on overdue car park repairs, walkways and speed humps.

The past few days have seen Team Budget Asphalt hard at work doing emergency pot hole repairs to keep our clients, their staff and families safe. Asphalt speed humps, also known as speed bumps have grown in popularity due to their cost-saving over steel speed humps and speed bumps. Our customers enjoy the cost saving of asphalt speed humps which we continue building to slow down cars and keep everyone safe. Did you know that an asphalt speed hump is more cost effective than rubberised or steel speed humps which sometimes cost twice as much?

Until next week, Team Budget Asphalt say "keep safe" and don't wait until its too late to do your asphalt repairs.

February 28 2013