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Asphalt Wears Well under Forklifts

When approached by our client to perform asphalt repairs on an area where over 500 fork lifts travel every day we were happy to put forward a budget price. After going through the process of getting 3 quotes, our client chose Team Budget Asphalt as we had the best budget price.

Turning up at a time that suited our client and performing the job to minimise impact on the running of the business was a crucial factor in this bitumen repair and Team Budget Asphalt performed without any problems. We now have another happy customer who has already asked us to undertake more work. And very happy forklift drivers who are no longer losing thier fruit, let alone the rubbish man who doesn't have to clean up after them!

Well done Team Budget Asphalt! Brisbane's Small Job Specialist.

February 13, 2017