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30 years of asphalt experience

Our construction team has over 30 years of experience in all things asphalting. We offer full removal and replacement to our design, which is tailored to your site, or we can follow your site plans. For your asphalt job, Call Budget Asphalt now.

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Who is Budget Asphalt?

We are locally family owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on having a professional and reliable service team and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. For your asphalt job, Call Budget Asphalt now.

Hot rubberised crack sealing

We offer hot rubberised crack sealing for your trench reinstatement’s which is approved and accepted by local councils to their specifications. We can apply this after we have laid the asphalt to save you money on more visits to site and traffic control. For your asphalt job, Call Budget Asphalt now.

Do I need to replace all of the broken asphalt?

The short answer is usually no. The beautiful thing about asphalt is that it lends itself easy repairs. As with any hard surface, with age and use some deterioration during the life-cycle is to be expected. Providing it was laid correctly in the first place, asphalt repairs typically mean tending to cracks as they occur and properly filling potholes when they appear. Unlike concrete, this can usually be done without digging up the whole area and then having to deal with large blocks of concrete that make their way into landfill. Of course, an occasional resurface will also help to keep your asphalt areas looking beautiful as well.


June 12 2017

Vegetation and asphalt hardstand surfaces

As trees grow, the roots will always seek to stretch out in every direction and they won’t discriminate between asphalt or concrete when it comes to causing damage to anything they travel under.

The photo below shows a concrete hardstand floor that has been damaged by root growth of a nearby gum tree. The photo does not show the rise of the concrete, which is about 20 cm and has rendered the floor unusable. In this case there is no other option but to remove all the concrete and start over, also requiring replacement of the shed it supports. Had the floor been asphalt, the damage would have been much less, even if left un-maintained for the same amount of time. Asphalt is move giving than concrete, particularly when vegetation is nearby. In this case the owners have opted to remove the concrete and relay the surface with asphalt. While the gum tree has been trimmed, it will live on for many more years and allowed room to prosper. Any movement in the asphalt will result in a minor repair instead of a complete resurface. Morale? Always choose asphalt over concrete to allow the garden to grow. Talk to Budget Asphalt now about asphalt hardstand surfaces.

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November 14, 2016