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Asphalt vs. concrete


Why is asphalt better than concrete?

check Asphalt is Safer

Asphalt is a non slippery surface whereas concrete can be very slippery, especially when wet.

check Asphalt is fast

You can drive or walk on asphalt almost straight away whereas concrete can take up to 12 hours depending on application.

check Asphalt is inexpensive to lay

Save $$$ - asphalt is almost half the cost of concrete

check Asphalt is cheap to maintain

Asphalt repair costs are minimal but repairing concrete can be a major expense.

check Asphalt is a porous surface

Asphalt is a porous product whereas concrete is not. This allows for better drainage and is less susceptible to cracking.

check Asphalt does not need to be sealed

Asphalt is a finished product once laid whereas concrete needs to be sealed or stenciled depending on application.

We could keep going on why asphalt is better than concrete but if you would like to talk more please give us a call for advice.