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Asphalt and bitumen new work and repairs are our specialty

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Budget Asphalt Repairs is family owned and operated. We specialise in small to medium sized pothole, asphalt and bitumen repairs. With over 23 years of experience and commitment to quality and customer service we are your guarantee of satisfaction. Because small to medium asphalt repairs are our specialty, we have the right equipment and techniques to work in confined spaces that are more difficult for larger, traditional asphalt repairers.

We service Brisbane and the Gold Coast and always make your asphalt repairs our priority. Team Budget Asphalt is Brisbane's Small Job Specialist.

Pay less now!

Asphalt repairs are best dealt with early before the potholes and cracks become major hazards.  At Budget Asphalt we believe that NO JOB IS TOO SMALL and that you'll pay less to have your job fixed before it becomes a major cost.

Budget Asphalt - the small job people!

Asphalt and Bitumen Repairs

pothole and bitumen asphalt repairsA simple pothole can be annoying - they ruin tyres on cars, ankles on people but worst of all they can become a major costly repair if not fixed. The pothole will segregate water into the sub base making it a major repair. We have specialty trucks and equipment so we can fix the area on time with a professional finish. So if you have a pothole, get it fixed by the professionals BUDGET ASPHALT REPAIRS and save yourself the hassle of a law suit or repairs to your customers' or familys' vehicles.

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